Top Tips for your Winter Garden

Date: 22 Jan 2020

For many of us, the start of ‘big coat season’ also coincides with the time that we retreat indoors, and our gardens become nothing but an unused space outside of our house.

But this doesn’t need to be the case!

Here are our tips and tricks to make use of your garden through the dark winter months.

Bird Feeders

For our feathered friends, winter can be a pretty tough time. Finding food in the winter can get pretty difficult for them, and what’s nicer than peering out of the window with a cup of tea and seeing wildlife enjoying your garden!

We suggest a small bird table with some regular food to keep the birds happy!

Chimineas and space heaters

Chimineas and space heaters will allow you to enjoy the winter months outdoors, winding down in the evenings with friends and maybe even a glass of wine or three.

Evergreen planting

Evergreen trees and shrubs provide vibrant shades of green in your garden all year round.

These incredibly durable plants survive the harshest conditions and add some much-needed colour to gardens when the trees go bare and your flowers disappear.


With the nights being as long as they are, without adequate lighting in your garden it becomes an unusable space. Solar lights and lamps can provide the perfect atmosphere adding a seasonal twinkle to your outdoor space.