Top 5 trends from The 2019 Chelsea Flower Show

Date: 10 Jun 2019

Every May the eyes of the gardening world turn to Chelsea for the RBS Chelsea flower show. Garden designers far and wide look to the show for inspiration in their designs so we thought we’d give you the top five things we noticed from this years’ show.

1. Green reigns supreme

One of the most noticeable themes from the gardens we saw was the amount of green in the designers used to pad out their spaces.

How do we use green in a low maintenance garden I hear you ask… there’s plenty of ways we can factor green into your garden design.

i) Evergreen shrubs and trees add colour to your space throughout the year and as notoriously hardy plants, require very little maintenance other than the annual trim!
ii) Decidious shrubs and climbers add a rustic feel to your small urban space and create an enclosed and private feel.
iv) While some of the planting we use will flower seasonally, evergreen plants will provide interesting colours and texture all year round.

London garden design
evergreen plants trending in this years RHS flower show

2. Copper the low maintenance show stopper

Copper water features are the ultimate in low maintenance garden features and while the initial cost may be a little higher it is definitely redeemed by its longevity and style.

Rustic themes have dominated the show this year and we really see the benefit of incorporating this into your garden design. By its very nature they never really go out of fashion while the materials generally used much better answer the call to a sustainable future.

Copper water features will capture the eye in your garden and make a great centrepiece

3. Leave the shears in the shed ­­– great news for time-poor people

Gone are the days of lightly clipped topiary and long live mounds of yew, pine and beach. Gardeners this year opted for a more natural look with their planting and features. 

Keeping the planting in this style gives a relaxed and cosy feel to your garden as well as the added benefit of it being extremely low maintenance.

Garden design London

4. Switch off, log in

Log walls where another feature that people used to create a natural but low maintenance feel to their installations. 

Log walls are great to look at creating beautiful patterns surrounding seating and or outdoor cooking areas. 

Having a log wall as a feature has the other added benefit of being very cheap so it’s a big green thumb up from all of us here at outdoor creations.

Garden sustainability
Log wall feature

5. Sustainable spaces

The 2019 RHS flower show was the first to really embrace the environment in its gardens and we think it’s about time.

There are so many ways to incorporate eco-friendly materials in your garden or even encourage wildlife into your garden with planting and features. With over 15 years’ experience in designing gardens, the outdoor creations design team are well equipped to handle any materials that you want to create your dream urban oasis.

low maintenance gardens

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