Going Green in the City

Date: 04 Oct 2019

environmentally friendly gardens
Eco friendly gardens

The environment is something hot on the lips of a lot of Londoners at the moment and there’s no doubt that our uncharacteristically warm weather (while enjoyable) is pretty worrying! Not to mention the air quality being so poor in certain parts of the capital.

Lots of us are now looking for ways to help the environment in our own little ways – be it recycling, public transport or paper straws. Another way People are looking to help is to create their own little oasis in their back gardens. Not only do these gardens turn out beautiful, they improve the air quality for when you spend time in the garden and even encourage wildlife.

How do you build an eco-friendly garden in the city though?

Recycled Materials

Using recycled materials like recycled composite decking that’s moulded to look like real wood can really cut your carbon footprint when remodelling your garden.

Eco friendly plants

The plants you chose to have in your garden help define the way it looks, but also choosing plants that encourage bees and other insects is not only great for the planet but create a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

A natural garden

Choosing plants that suit London’s environment will drastically cut down on maintenance time and also giving it that natural feel that is so popular amongst people young and old at the moment. See our trends from the flower show!

London garden design
evergreen plants trending in this years RHS flower show

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